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Ashcroft Type Instrument Isolator, High Displacement

These types of seals are used with low pressure or differential pressure gauges with low differential pressure and elevated static pressure.

  • Broad selection of materials for meeting various service applications, including Teflon, Viton and Kalrez diaphragms.
  • Elastomeric diaphragm is clamped securely between the top and bottom housings by clamp rings, assuring positive seal.
  • Top housing is contoured to match diaphragm, minimizing distortion of the diaphragm should the pressure instrument be removed.
  • Continuous duty.
  • Fill/bleed connection is standard.
  • Top housing and diaphragm are nonremovable.
  • Teflon, Viton and Kalrez diaphragms available in threaded and flanged inlet connection

Model Index for Diaphragm Seals

Type 702, 703

Flanged High Displacement

High Displacement Diaphragm Seals

Type 740, 741

High Displacment Diaphragm

Threaded High Displacement