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Ashcroft  Gauge Type 1008S


Stainless Steel-Case Gauges - Grade B (±3-2-3% of span)

  • NEW DESIGN (January 2009)
  • Patented PowerFlex™ movement isolates movement from shock and vibration for longer life
  • All Stainless, all-welded construction for long life
  • New PLUS!™ performance Option:
    • Liquid-fillable performance in a dry gauge (option XLL)
    • Fights vibration and pulsations without liquid-fill headaches
  • True Zero™ pointer indication - no stop pin to mask false zero reading - ensures safety and process control
  • Available in 63mm and 100mm dial sizes, Ashcroft  1008S pressure gauges are field liquid fillable and field convertible for panel mounting. ASME Grade B, 3-2-3% accuracy is standard. The gauge is available dry, liquid-filled weatherproof or hermetically sealed and now with PLUS!TM performance option.


    Ashcroft  Type 1008S SS Case Gauges Specifications
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