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Ashcroft Duralife Gauge Type 1009 2.5" and 3.5" dial sizes

The Ashcroft® type 1009 Industrial Pressure Gauge is ideal for resisting chemical, weather or corrosion effects. Providing durability, reliability and performance, it is well-suited for aggressive process media applications. A good choice for satisfying many application and installation requirements.

Stainless Steel-Case Gauges - Grade 1A (±1% of span)

  • 5-year limited warranty
  • Patented PowerFlex™ movement isolates movement from shock and vibration for longer life
  • All Stainless, all-welded construction for long life
  • ASME Grade 1A, 1% accuracy full scale
  • True Zero™ pointer indication - no stop pin to mask false zero reading - ensures safety and process control
  • New PLUS!™ Performance Option:
    • Liquid-filled performance in a dry gauge
    • Fights vibration and pulsations without liquid-fill headaches
    • Order as option XLL


Ashcroft Duralife Pressure Gauge Type 1009

Available in 2.5" and 3.5" dial sizes, Ashcroft Duralife pressure gauges are liquid fillable and field convertible for panel mounting. Both zero and span adjustments are standard.

The gauge is available dry, liquid-filled weatherproof or hermetically sealed and now with PLUS!TM performance option. A five year limited warranty is standard with the Duralife 1009.


Ashcroft Type 1009 SS Case Gauge Specifications
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