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Ashcroft Gauge Type 1009 4.5" and 6"

The Ashcroft  Gauges offer high quality and durability for an affordable price.

Stainless Steel-Case Gauges - Grade 1A (1% of span)

  • 4.5" and 6" stainless steel gauges
  • Dry and liquid-filled versions
  • Micrometer adjustable pointer
  • Variety of bourdon tube material
  • ASME Grade 1A, 1% of span accuracy

The 4.5" and 6" Ashcroft Type 1009 gauges are suitable where ambient corrosion is a major concern. Its stainless steel case and ring offer good appearance and excellent resistance to chemical, weather and corrosion attack. This 1009 has many optional features that allow a user to develop a basic or special product specification. The 1009 is part of the extensive line of Ashcroft stainless steel pressure gauges.

The gauge is available dry, liquid-filled weatherproof or hermetically sealed and now with PLUS! performance option.


Ashcroft Type 1009 4.5 and 6.0 " SS Case Gauges Specifications
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