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Ashcroft Test Gauge Type 1082

The Ashcroft® type 1082 Test Gauge is a precise instrument acclaimed for dependability, safety and performance. Used for test and validation, its manufacture is continuously monitored to assure uncompromising standards and material integrity. An ideal choice for satisfying most applications and installation requirements needing highly-reliable precision instruments.

Grade 3A (±0.25% of span)

  • Temperature-compensated movement that significantly reduces temperature error
  • MicroSpan™ adjustment for ease in span calibration
  • Hydraulically staked movement with Teflon-coated gears and bearings improves stability
  • Externally adjustable dial on standard model
  • White aluminum dial, black numbers with polished mirror band
  • High and low pressure movement stops are standard

The standard Ashcroft test gauge case style features a solid-front aluminum case with a hinged ring.

The dial has a polished mirror band for pointer reflection to prevent parallax error and is available in 4.5", 6" and 8.5" dial sizes in both lower and back connection. Pointer is a balanced-friction adjustable design with red knife edge tip for easy reading.


Ashcroft Type 1082 Test Gauge Specifications
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