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Ashcroft Pressure Gauges Types 1127 and Type 1128


The Ashcroft® Type 1127 and Type 1128 Differential Pressure Gauge is used to measure the differential pressure between two separate pressure sources. The standard stainless steel Bourdon system offers an advantage over similar bronze systems, generally not needing to be isolated from the process media using diaphragm seals and capillary lines. A good selection for system monitoring.

The Type 1128 is offered with “0” at the 12 o’clock position on the dial with positive pressure on either side of zero.

Differential Pressure Gauge - Grade A (±2-1-2% of span)

  • 316 stainless steel wetted parts
  • 4.5" or 6" dial sizes
  • Ranges from 10 psi-1000 psi
  • Static pressures from 45 psi-1200 psi depending on the range of the gauge
  • Pointer indicator with zero at the seven (1127) or twelve o'clock position (1128)
  • Built-in back case flange for easy wall mounting

When the process is corrosive to gauges with bronze/brass wetted parts, an alternative was to isolate the gauge from the process with capillary and isolators or diaphragm seals. Now, when the process is compatible with 316 stainless steel Ashcroft Inc. offers the new Ashcroft Types 1127 or 1128 differential pressure gauges with 4.5" or 6" dial sizes.



1127 Differential Pressure Gauge Data Sheet
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