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Ashcroft Pressure Gauge Type 1495

The Ashcroft® type 1495 Diaphragm Receiver Gauge is an economical solution for pneumatic receiver gauges. This model provides reliability and performance due to its ultra-sensitive system. An ideal product for pneumatic receive systems. Very sensitive to small pressure changes

Diaphragm Receiver Gauges -  Grade A (±2-1-2% of span)

  • Sensitive diaphragm element results in smooth pointer motion
  • One-piece polycarbonate window is easy to remove
  • Re-zero screw allows easy pointer adjustment
  • Slotted U-clamp for panel mounting makes installation easy

The Ashcroft Type 1495 receiver gauge uses a diaphragm capsule as its sensing element rather than a Bourdon tube. The sensitivity of the diaphragm promotes smooth pointer motion that makes minor pressure changes easy to read.


Ashcroft Type 1495 Diaphragm Receiver Gauges Specifications
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