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Welcome to Ashcroft - PLUS!™ Performance…

Liquid-filled performance in a dry gauge!

Ashcroft Performance Plus!


The Problem...

In the past, applications where heavy vibration and pulsation were present required the use of either a conventional dry gauge with a hard to read pointer and a limited life span, or, a costly liquid-filled gauge and all the headaches that come with them.

The Solution...

An exclusive, breakthrough technology developed for Ashcroft pressure gauges providing virtually liquid-filled performance in a dry gauge, the Ashcroft® PLUS! TM Performance option.

Benefits vs. Dry Gauges...

  • Dampens vibration and pulsation
  • Steady pointer – Easier to read!
  • 100% longer life
  • Reduce purchases by 50%!

Benefits vs Liquid-filled...

  • Dampens vibration and pulsation without the headaches of liquidfilled gauges.
  • No liquid – No leaks!
  • Easier to fill lines!
  • Easier to recalibrate.
  • Wider temperature range vs glycerin-fill.
  • Eliminates costly specialty fluids.

How’d They Do That?..

The Patented Ashcroft® PLUS!TM Performance option utilizes a unique cartridge to surround the pinion with an engineered dampening agent to dynamically dampen the pointer and movement, thereby providing a dry gauge which acts liquid-filled.

Improved Plant Safety

is a critical issue and the PLUS!TM performance option can improve the safety of your plant. Industry surveys indicate that 20% to 30% of customer’s gauges are misapplied and prematurely fail due to pulsation and vibration. If a Bourdon tube fails due to excessive pulsation, the process media will escape causing possible environmental damage, process contamination and more importantly, possible injury, fire or explosion.

PLUS!™ Performance

improves safety and saves money by allowing facilities to standardize on a convenient dry PLUS!™ gauge that performs virtually like a liquid-filled gauge. This saves 20% to 30% annually by reducing misapplied gauges, as well as reducing the risk of spills, injury and damage to their facility.