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Ashcroft Mechanical Thermometers

The complete line of Ashcroft thermometers and accessories provides quality choices for your temperature applications.

Bimetal Thermometers

Gas Actuated Thermometers


Ashcroft Thermometer Selection

Bimetal Thermometers Ashcroft bimetal thermometers are available in a variety of case styles, temperature ranges, and Each Ashcroft industrial bimetal thermometer is backed by a limited five year warranty. Each thermometer is manufactured to a standard accuracy of 1% of span.

Gas-Actuated Thermometers Ashcroft Duratemp gas-actuated thermometers are available with direct and remote mount case styles.  Accuracy is within 1% of span.

Thermowells Thermowells must be used on any application where the stem of the bimetal thermometer may be exposed to pressure, corrosive fluids or high velocity. Additionally, the use of an Ashcroft thermowell permits instrument interchange or calibration check without disturbing or closing down the process.

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